Origin:  San Francisco, CA


Genres:  Americana, Rock, Country


Website: delbombers.com

Short Bio

The Del Bombers blend together hard rock, old-school country, blues and add in some Latin flavor into a heartfelt cocktail of songs. Combined with riveting live shows, the Del Bombers are rapidly reclaiming their rightful places on the big stages. 


Fronted by blazing guitarist and lead vocalist, Steve Grillos, with powerful drums and backing harmonies by Bob James, sensual rhythms of Rosa James on castanets and the dynamic addition
of Hans Hunt on bass, this mix of experience, personalities and talent is truly explosive. 


Night after night, the Del Bombers fight hard, and fight to win, playing each show as if it’s their very last. As if their very lives and loves depended on each song being heard and felt, each note being felt and make no mistake, they back it up.

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